Tips for Choosing Bridal Jewelry

The road to a perfect wedding is fraught by numerous challenging decisions. One such choice is your choice of bridal jewelry, which is an essential component of your overall look. A poor choice can undermine the best of dresses, but the right choice can have a magical effect on your ensemble.

In order to decide well, you’ll have to consider certain factors. Start with the dress’s embellishments, such as pearls, rhinestone or an encrusted brooch. The designer carefully selects these items to complement the dress. So you’ll want to select bridal jewelry that possesses similar qualities.

In addition, focus on the bridal jewelry as an accessory. What we mean by that is that your dress should always be the focal point of your attire, so never choose bridal jewelry that detracts from that in any way. The best way to do this is to choose bridal jewelry that complements in terms of form as well. For instance, if your dress has a v-shaped neckline, y-shaped necklaces blend well.

You’ll also want to place strong emphasis on the “feel,” style or theme of your wedding. You can also coordinate the bridal jewelry based on the season and similar factors. For instance, bridal jewelry composed of freshwater pearls may be the perfect choice for a beach wedding. And if it’s spring, perhaps choose a design with a floral influence.

This brings us to an important point about color: don’t be afraid of it. In fact, it’s quite common these days for brides to infuse one of their primary wedding colors directly into their bridal jewelry. It’s an excellent way to add beauty and diversity without stealing the attention from the dress.

Also, don’t allow the various pieces of your bridal jewelry to compete with each other. Choose one piece to be central. Most women will choose the necklace, but no choice is wrong. Then, scale back the other pieces accordingly. You do yourself no favors if you build a bridal jewelry ensemble around a necklace only to then choose large earrings that steal the show.

Another factor to consider is your wedding-day hairdo. One of the great challenges is choosing accessories based on how you’ll look that day. Try carrying a picture of the hairstyle with you when you shop. There are also some basic rules to follow: Studs or drop earrings work well with the hair down, and chandelier earrings work best when the hair is up.

Well, there you have it. That should set you off on the right path. If you want even more information on bridal jewelry, then visit the experts at Genuine Bijoux. In addition to being an excellent resource for brides, Genuine Bijoux boasts an impressive artisan jewelry selection that will capture the imagination.

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