The Legacy of Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

Today, the first word in crystal jewelry is Swarovski, and Swarovski crystal jewelry sells better than any other brand of crystal jewelry in the world. The reasons for this success and popularity are no secret.

Swarovski AG, an Austrian company, has sold their crystals since 1895. Founded by Daniel Swarovski, it began as an idea for a machine that would cut the crystals automatically and precisely. Daniel had other notions as well.

Over more than 100 years, the company has put two goals above all others. Only sell the finest cut crystals, and always sell the crystal at a reasonable price even when the market allowed for much more.

In that time, Swarovski crystal jewelry developed a reputation for affordability, clarity, sparkle and precision cuts. These fine crystals work perfectly as the centerpieces for earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings and even tiaras.

But the crystals are so high quality that Swarovski sells them to other businesses too. Many companies use them as components in abrasives, grinding instruments and optical products. Other businesses use Swarovski crystals for fashion clothing appliques, as well as home décor items.

Swarovski crystal jewelry is the reason these crystals are most popular. Today, all companies that make crystals cut them similar to Swarovski. But Swarovski has continued to revolutionize this industry by innovating new techniques and by developing equipment that is even more sophisticated.

In the late 1800s, Swarovski earned a reputation for the finest cut, most polished crystal beads in the world. That reputation lives on today, and they continue to enhance it. Part of what makes Swarovski crystal jewelry so perfect is that they can create sets of crystals that are identical and uniform in every way.

What this means for the Swarovski crystal jewelry is that it’s comprised of crystals that have precise height, width and slope. This balance is an integral aspect of beauty. Of course, computers play a large role in making today’s complex cuts. And many companies have these computers at their disposal.

However, what sets Swarovski crystal jewelry apart is the Swarovski commitment to affordability. Sure, some companies can get close in quality to Swarovski but none of them can do it at the price Swarovski can. This is the legacy that Daniel created back in 1895.

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