The Birth of Venetian Glass Jewelry

Venice is one of the world’s most famous cities, and it’s renowned for its canals, the gondoliers and gondolas, the piazzas, the cuisine and of course, glass. The world celebrates Venetian glass, particularly Venetian glass jewelry, for its distinct colors, its elaborate nature and the skill of the hands that design it.

Of all Venetian glass, the most beloved is the glass made on the island of Murano. It was on this island that Venice relocated their glassmakers in the 13th century. Some historians contend they did it to protect the city from fires. Others suggest it was a strategy to dominate the glass trade.

Whatever the intent, the result was a dramatic impact on the world. All over the globe, Murano glass became synonymous with quality glass, the standard by which we measured all other glass. Even today, the most sought after Venetian glass jewelry, chandeliers and vases are made from Murano glass.

Prior to the relocation of the glassmakers, Murano was a dying area. But it soon became the epicenter of the glassmaking trade, and merchants from around the world came to the island in search of the finest Venetian glass jewelry and other wares.

In fact, the glassmakers were so important to the area that they were one of the only non-noble classes able to carry swords, mix with nobles and marry into noble families. So renowned throughout the world were the glassmakers that it even became an honor for nobles to marry their daughters into glassmaking families.

The island was the center of an economic and commercial powerhouse for centuries. But eventually the world changed. Countries such as England and Spain began to explore and then settle the New World. Glass was an important component of this expansion, so they often sent their finest glassmakers, who were often immigrants from Murano.

As the trade spread throughout the world, Murano became less important as a trade center. However, the techniques developed and used there still have an important place in the glassmaking world. No one holds onto the “old ways” like Murano does. They don’t even allow automobiles for fear of contaminating the environment.

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