Venetian/Murano Beads: Insist on the Real Deal

The difference between a uniquely stunning piece of jewelry—and one that is just”so-so”—has a lot to do with the quality of the materials that have gone into it. Beaded jewelry comes in many styles and configurations, but it’s the materials that are used that will ultimately determine its overall appeal. Skilled jewelers know that investing in high-quality materials is essential to creating stunning pieces, which is why so many have been turning to Venetian or Murano beads for centuries.

What Are Murano or Venetian Beads?

Venetian beads and Murano beads are one and the same; the two terms can be used interchangeably. They derive their name from the fact that they are traditionally made on the island of Murano in Venice, Italy. Venice and glasswork go hand in hand, and in the world of glass beads, Murano beads are among the very best that you can buy.

The Benefits of Venetian Beads

When you don a piece of jewelry that’s been made out of genuine Murano beads,the material’s natural aesthetics make it shine and glitter in a very flattering way.There’s nothing quite like slipping on a a pair of earrings or a stunning pendant made out of real Venetian beads, which is why you should insist on that authenticity when making your purchase.

Spotting a Fake

A quick word of caution about buying Murano/Venetian bead jewelry: Unscrupulous jewelers sometimes try to pass off cheap Chinese imitations as the real deal. Keep in mind that the bead holes on authentic Venetian beads are produced when a copper wire is threaded through the glass. Later, the glass is dipped in nitric acid, and the copper dissolves. There’s never any powdery residue, and real Murano beads are crystal clear and clean.

Spectacular Details Abound with Murano Beads

Whether it’s a delightful, heart-shaped bead on a Valentine’s-themed pendant or the deep, rich colors that are part of gold/silver foil Venetian beads, details matter when it comes to the jewelry that you choose. Working with a jeweler who possesses an intrinsic understanding of how to work with these delicately gorgeous beads will help ensure that you end up with the most unique, spectacular piece possible.

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